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Devoting this post to Saint Edward School and our ONE big fundraiser!  

Saturday February 22, 2014 will mark the 9th Anniversary of the Saint Edward Catholic School PTO’s “It Takes A Village” Dinner & Auction.

Here are the REASONS why you need to  like/bookmark our Facebook page and bookmark our Event Page/buy tickets/make a donation (monetary or silent auction) and/or volunteer to help us make the 2014 event one of the best!

Here are the facts:

1. Established in 1885, Saint Edward is the oldest active elementary or middle school in Little Rock.

We are a vital part of downtown Little Rock and the Catholic community of Central Arkansas.

2. We have 170 students from 25 different zip codes!

3. 25% of our students receive some type of financial assistance!!

4. We do ONE major fundraiser per year and use those funds to assist with technology, maintenance and most importantly tuition assistance for our students.

Here are the FUN facts:

1. Great food, drink and CASINO!

2. Wonderful silent auction items.  Last year we topped 300 items.  These range from $25 gift certificates to local restaurants to priceless works of art and wonderful trips.

3. It is ALL for a wonderful cause!!

Please consider participating..whether as a sponsor, donor, attendee and/or volunteer!

The Scoop:


Special Recognition during the event
Special Recognition in the event program
Pre- Event Signage
Optional banner placement during the event
Logo Placement on website


Recognition during the event
Recognition in the event program
Optional banner placement during the event
Logo placement on website


Company/Individual name and logo recognition in the event program
Logo/Name placement on website


2 tickets to the event
Recognition at the event


~If you OWN a business please consider making a donation..

~If you are crafty or have a special skill please consider making a donation.

~If you own a vacation home/cabin please consider donating a stay.

All donors will be listed on our website with a link to their businesses website and also listed in the Event Program.

LASTLY, if you know of anyone who owns a business, possesses a special skill etc. please spread the work and ask them to consider a donation!


If you prefer to make a monetary donation please do so!  We are NOT planning a raffle this year…we know folks get tired of asking being asked to buy this or that…we are simply asking you to open your heart out of a true desire to help…not for a chance to win anything or get wrapping paper etc.  


~We need people to assist with obtaining donations, picking up donations, set up, clean up etc.  There is ALWAYS work to be done!

Have questions?  Check out the links above and below and/or give me a call/text/email!!

~Peace & Roll Tide Roll

Shannon Emory Williams

ITAV Silent Auction Lead



2014 “It Takes A Village” Facebook Page

It Takes A Village Website

Saint Edward School








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images (2)


Day 3 is in the books…as usual we “tweaked” it the Williams way.


Breakfast--no grumbling, get it and go.

Lunch–Grandma, Ed and I were starving!!  We ate the leftover potatoes & chicken from the night before and of  course a peanut butter sandwich and some pretzels.

The afternoon is where the Williams tweaking came into play…

On the way to gym (before supper) Ed asks, “so we are done with this after dinner right?”

Me, “No, I guess technically we aren’t done until midnight.”

Ed, “Well are we going to get up at midnight and actually eat?”  I smiled,  because I could actually visualize all of us watching the clock and waiting for midnight!

As we worked out both of our minds were racing.. My workout was quick, I didn’t feel as if I had the energy to do much; Ed couldn’t run as far as he wanted..he was SO tired and hungry!

As soon as  we finished, we sort of together came to the conclusion that if we made it thru dinner that would suffice…we could reward ourselves.

We also had $3.50 left!!

Ed said he HAD to go to Kroger ASAP and get olives!  He ran in for olives, while my mind worked in the car..here is what I came up with..

We had the following leftovers:

1. 10 eggs

2. almost a whole loaf of bread

3. half a box of sweetener

4. a couple of packs of ramen noodles

5. almost a whole box of crackers

6. about a whole package of cookies between the two we had first bought

7. almost a whole box of cereal

8. half a bag of pretzels

This all had to add up to some extra $, right???

Good thing my brain was working…

Ed came out with a bit more than olives…about 5 bags worth.

He wouldn’t let me see until we got home.  I informed him that we really had quite a bit of $ leftover (see list above).

We started unpacking the grocery bags…we got a bit more than olives,

we had humus, pretzel chips (these are pricey), grapes, and YES..a ton of the laffy taffy sticks that had been on clearance on Monday that I had let go…

I LOVE Laffy Taffy!  Plus TEA!!!

We started on our dinner…this was the menu

Dinner: Baked potatoes, butter, cheese, green beans and the little bit of leftover chicken.

Mags and Drew had already eaten (Mags a potato loaded with butter, and Drew ramen noodles (he doesn’t eat potatoes!).

The adults tore hungrily into their meal..of course  I added salsa and jalenpenos..because you know we had the extra noted above.

Once Ed realized how much we had left..he just skipped the potatoes altogether and went straight for the humus and olives!  And of course the wonderful TEA!!

Grandma hesitated a bit then she dove into the grapes.  I ate my potatoes (I am really tired of potatoes) and started quite happily on laffy taffy!!

Then Drew came down and just about exploded..why was Dad eating humus??

Where did Grandma get those grapes?

Where did I get Laffy Taffy!!

We quickly informed him that he had passed the test and he could begin eating…that he did, he ate about 10 Reese’s peanut butter cups in 5 minutes.

Mags then finished one of her “shows” (did I mention she is addicted to certain TV shows..actually writes them down in her school planner as opposed to school work!).  When she saw the Reese’s wrappers, she about flipped…Drew informed her eat..we are DONE!!  She actually smiled and laughed a bit!

We did have a brief discussion with them about appreciation etc. but we aren’t sure they could hear us over their chomping on chocolate.

Brian came in after his football game and said, PLEASE tell me we are done with SNAP??

When we said yes, he commenced to eat everything in site for the next hour.  The kitchen looked as if a bomb had gone off.

We plan to sit down with them this weekend and truly discuss the whole event, but for now it was nice to know they had tummies full of chocolate!

Final Thoughts-

1. It is tough, planning etc.

2. We are spoiled and need to realize that!

3. I will never look at one of my 24 oz Diet Mountain Dews the same!!

Last..the biggest surprise was the fact that when I opened the fridge this morning I saw that my sweet husband had also bought me TWO Mountain Dews!!

I hesitated when I started to open one..thinking that is a whole meal!

Needless, to say I drank it anyway. …but, I did think..and I am not sure what to do with the “thought?”

It’s there and I don’t want to lose it, but not sure giving up my double dose of caffeine would cure the cobwebs this thought create…that is one of those mysteries.

Don’t drown in it, but use its product to SEE!!!

Peace & Roll Tide Roll!!




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Day 2 of the SNAP challenge, we survived, but each one of us asked at least once, “when does this end? tomorrow right?” LOL

Breakfast was easy…cereal or toast, milk and that awful coffee!

Lunch for Grandma, Ed and I was the leftover red beans and rice and green beans from the night before.

We were counting down the minutes until lunch…it is the whole concept of trying not to snack that plays with your mind.

Brian, Drew and Mags ate in the cafeteria…you realize how CRAZY this $1.50 a meal is when the school charges $3.25 per meal!!!

That is what they have to charge to get the kids hot, healthy food...somehow this all seems really broken!

Dinner: Never realized how good baked chicken was!  A tons of meat!

We baked a 6 lb chicken seasoned only with salt and pepper and added canned carrots (this was something extra we added–see budget numbers below) and some of our potatoes.

We also did our other box of corn muffins and Grandma made them stretch where we had plenty!

We added turnip greens as well.  Very tasty!!

Snacks:  a few cookies and pretzels here and there and some peanut butter sandwiches!


Drew- I really think he enjoys this!  He eats so much better when we sit down at the table!  He loved the chicken and turnip greens. He was the last one to leave the table

Mags: Not near as much complaining today.  They came straight in from basketball and dinner was on the table.  She ate a little chicken and vegetables but lots of potatoes, corn muffins and butter!

Brian:  He just loves food.  He also got the benefit of ice cream after football and the great food from CHS so he is happy as a clam.

The Adults:  The concept of not having much variety is foreign to us.  Ed misses humus, I miss salsa and Grandma misses fresh fruit and salads. We LOVE green beans when there isn’t much else to eat!!


We thought we had $9 leftover until we realized Brian won’t be eating dinner with us tonight due to the Rocket Moms at CHS feeding the football team before the game.

That knocked us down to $7.50.

We bought another loaf of bread ($1.00), carrots & turnip greens ($1.00 total –both dented cans on clearance at Kroger) and a large can of dented green beans ($1.00) plus a can of fruit cocktail ($1.00)..so we are down to $3.50.

Results of Day Two:

~We will make it barely in re milk!  Had to get the bread because we have eaten so many peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!  Glad we had the coupon for FREE peanut butter or we would be at ZERO!!

~Lots of planning to make this work

~We miss the variety

~We appreciate what we have!!!

~We are glad/thankful it is only 3 days, but maybe we need to do this periodically to help us remember!!

Peace & Roll Tide Roll


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Day 1 is in the books.

We survived, some of us appreciate and understand, some of us (i.e. Mags) are NOT happy and letting us all know!

LOL, actually she is just STUBBORN, I saw the light go on, so I know she does understand, but her stubborness is still on top for now!


Drew: Had already eaten appleasauce (bought prior to SNAP challenge) before he remembered…..

He  then decided the applesauce would do, because he was not going to be told he could only eat toast or cereal..he actually came around and ate half a toasted jelly sandwich and told me to “save” the rest!

He enjoyed the cookies I brought him in a ziplock for after school/before practice.  He came in from basketball and went straight for the left over jelly sandwich!

By dinner he began to ask questions about SNAP/welfare etc.  He ate two big bowls of red beans and rice and then a whole bowl of ramen noodles before bed (dare I say he is actually eating more/better?)

He  questioned Ed this morning about the cereal Ed was eating because Ed had poured it into a storage container..he was certain it had been purchased prior to SNAP and Ed was in trouble :)

Brian: No noticeable effect.  Of course, he is eating breakfast and lunch at Catholic so he is getting by fairly easy.

Not a major deal, because out of all three, if we really pushed the envelope with him he would jump in.  He participated in the SNAP discussion at the table last night..always nice when boys can commuicate without hitting, yelling etc.

Mags:  NOT happy.


Why does she have to do this?

Why doesn’t Reilly have to (Reilly is 2.5 years old!). Reilly is eating mac and cheese from before SNAP etc.

Why can’t we use the coupon for the free frostie!! Note, it is not a coupon, it is “gift certificate” which we paid for…not the same.

Not eating red beans and  rice because she can’t see the sausage in it and she usually only eats the sausages she can  see.

BUT, this morning she got up and asked me very cheerily to please toast here toast!

She is excited because she loves BUTTER and BAKED potatoes and that is her plan for the next two days!

Ed, Grandma & I:  We don’t realize how much we snack!!

I did factor in for snacks (pretzels, crackers, ramen noodles, cookies).  Needless to say these are not the snacks we normally would enjoy!

Ed was simply eating pieces of bread last night!

Grandma would not allow herself any snacks in between, I think she wanted to really feel hungry and she said it worked!

Me, for the most part I was ok.  I ate the pretzels in between…I drank the AWFUL, cheap coffee and lots of water.  Had to stop myself from getting my super large Diet Mountain Dew at Kroger–it is a great deal..only $1.50!!  Will never think about that $1.50 in the same way again!!

I did NOT get a corn bread muffin at dinner..the one box  only made 6.  There were 6 of us eating and Maggie begged me for mine :).

Final Thoughts:

Looking forward to lunch today..we have red beans and rice leftover, so only peanut butter sandwiches if we are still hungry!

Really missing going out to lunch!!  Ed and I usually try and meet for lunch..we eat cheap (or so we thought).

Usually both of us eat in total of less than $10. Ed has been coming home for lunch and that is great, but another tradition we have is that when Grandma is in town we always take her out to her favorite places (The Flying Fish, Layla’s, Loca Luna etc.) while she is here…we were really looking forward to that, so in essence this is working in a positive manner on us in several ways.. less food, budgeting, planning and giving up!

We are going to run our of bread!!  We are going to run out of butter!

We have $9 extra but when you consider we didn’t buy salt, pepper, and creamer we probably don’t really have that much left over.  In re the salt & pepper, as I said before if we were really living this for the long haul, we would take advantage of all the free salt and pepper laying around fast food establishments!!

Bottom-line, this would stress me out, we would splurge on stuff no doubt and end up hungry later (i.e. out of money and support).  We might actually be thinner, but I doubt it, because I have a feeling we would end up buying a lot of cheap stuff that is bad for you (Ramen Noodles).  Fresh fruit and vegetables etc. not going to happen!

~Peace & Roll Tide Roll

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See previous post...The SNAP Challenge

The SNAP challenge began this morning at our humble abode.

Challenge is the key word….there is no doubt in my mind that I already realize the amount of planning, and anxiety doing this on a daily basis would create.

I hate to say it, but in some ways I feel hypocritical because I know this is only a challenge, Friday morning we will have completed our task….as they say I can do anything for a short period of time, the long haul, not so easy.

Our hope is that we come away with this with the creation of a “memory” and that “memory”reflex will help us be more compassionate, understanding and above all else appreciative!

Here is our approach…

Our household normally includes 2 Adults, 3 children, ages 16, 14 and 12.

For this week our household includes also includes Grandma,  and our 2 1/2 year old niece, Reilly.

We are NOT putting Reilly on the SNAP program.  To be honest, the extra $13.50 is nice (and we may end up needing it),  but we already had a haul of food for her for the week and of no advantage to go out and rebuy goldfish etc

Our thought is that if we were actually on SNAP the children would all qualify for “free lunch.”

Maybe that is the easy road out, but the complexity of putting together a plan that works in 24 hours and not having total rebellion led us to this decision.  We also believe the thing that will hit them the hardest will be the control of/lack of free access to “snacks.”

So, our budget is as follows:

3 Adults at $1.50 per meal, 3 meals a day for a total of $13.50 x 3 days for a TOTAL of $40.50

1 16 year old $1.50 per meal, 1 meal a day for a total of 3 days                                                     $4.5o

**Brian..I know that amount seems CRAZY, but here is the deal, he is given $30 each Friday, that is to cover his weekend expenses and his meals at school for the next week.  Normally, he will grab some breakfast here, some lunch here and supplement his meals at the CHS Cafeteria with his weekly funds..depending upon what his weekend plans or he may come away with extra cash at week-end or not :)  We have told him “pretend” you are on FREE BREAKFAST and LUNCH at school.therefore do NOT touch anything in this house foodwise before you get out the door each morning.  When he comes in he can have some of our snacks and we will feed him dinner…LOL..this will be SO fun!


14 & 12-year-old $1.5o a meal, 2 meals a day for a total of 3 days                                                  $18


TOTAL for The Next 3 DAYS:                                                                                                                 $63

PROBLEM AREAS: Our consumption of COFFEE..especially Grandma and I! The kids “snacking!!” Drew will eat a WHOLE bag of chips in one sitting!!

Here is our plan:

Breakfast:  Cereal or toast with butter/jelly; milk

Lunch: Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches; pretzels and or leftovers once we get some :)

Dinner Day 1: Red Beans & Rice; cornbread muffins, green beans & potatoes

Dinner Day 2: Baked  Chicken, mashed or baked potatoes, leftover green beans & potatoes

Dinner Day 3: Leftovers, Baked potatoes with leftover chicken and cheese, butter.


Ramen noodles, cookies, pretzels, baked potatoes

Kroger Trip:

An  adventure…we sort of had a menu and we hit the store trying to get the best deals etc.  Here is what we ended up with

2 Loaves of Bread @ .88 each (no, not the normal bread we buy, no not wheat, but yes bread and the same size as what we normally would buy)

1 Tub of Butter @ $2.00 (this will NOT be enough)

2 gallons of milk @ 3.40 each (will have to curb our crazy milk drinkers who leave half glasses here and there)

1 16 oz Kroger peanut butter (FREE–we had a coupon)

1 jar of grape jelly $1.99

Coffee $2.64 (this looks terrible..the cheapest Kroger coffee there is..this will be a challenge..we drink tons of coffee..not sure enough)

sweetener $2.35 (To be honest if we were on SNAP we would probably figure out a way to get our sweetener for “free”….you know McDonalds, Wendy’s etc….) we use a ton of this as well..

Shredded Wheat Cereal $1.40 a box..2 boxes…these were on the clearance aisle..didn’t know I like Shredded wheat, but it works

Cookie Crisp Cereal $1.69 also on clearance aisle

2 boxes of Jiffy cornbread  mix @ .48 each

dozen eggs @ $1.88

Kroger brand packaged cookies…2 packages total of $3.50

Kroger crackers $1.20

Zatarain Beans &  Rice Mix x 2 $1.60 each

Pork Boudin on clearance $1.50

Kroger shredded cheese $1.88

Kroger brand pretzels $1.40

Ramen noodles x 6 at .20 each $1.20 (I know not the healthiest thing, but our kids love them and for a quick snack they work)

Large can Kroger brand green beans $1.99

Can of sliced potatoes to go in green beans $.70

8 lb Bag of Potatoes $4.00

Whole Chicken $6.20

TOTAL:   $54.00

Leaves us  $9.00 big bucks!!

Will update in re how it goes….

~Peace & Roll Tide Roll



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“Come, you who are blessed by my Father. Inherit the kingdom prepared for you
from the foundation of the world. For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was
thirsty and you gave me drink, a stranger and you welcomed me, naked and you
clothed me, ill and you cared for me, in prison and you visited me… Amen, I say
to you, whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me.”
-Matthew 25:34b-36, 40b


We all know about “Food Stamps,” or the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

For the most part many of us have never moved beyond the “knowing about” food stamps.

They are there, at the bare essence the program can be seen as nothing but “good.”

Of course, the tarnish of this world scars all good..whether it be in the process, the lack of process, the politics etc.

No matter what your feeling are about this program and all of its baggage, drastic changes in the program were implemented 11/1/13.  These changes will result in the loss of benefits to millions of Americans.

Our Priest at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in North Little Rock, Arkansas, Father Tom Elliott, presented us with a specific challenge this past Sunday….The SNAP  Challenge… participants will get a sense of what life is like for millions of low-income Americans facing hunger.

Father Tom’s full homily is a must read…click here Poverty…in a nutshell he describes Christian charity as follows :

 “Christian charity toward to the poor is not aimed at eradicating poverty, but rather, reaffirming the inherent dignity in each human being and helping us grow in holy detachment and stewardship”

He invited  us to experience a new solidarity with the poor…… to take the SNAP challenge and live on food stamps for three days this week.

I will blog each day about the details of our challenge.

We have determined already the main thing will be PLANNING..and realize right away that may be one of the major faults with the implementation of a wonderful program…EDUCATION.. trying to communicate the importance of planning, balancing and budgeting..we clearly have the details laid out in front of us, have time to plan and know it is only for three days and we are already apprehensive & nervous.

One lesson already learned..the feeling of having to attempt to do this planning, to have this anxiety ALL the time, not only for one’s self but the others they are responsible for…the children…

Details below, please consider this in your quest to become closer in relationship to the one, true center..God!

Peace & Roll Tide Roll

By accepting the SNAP Challenge, you’ll commit to eating all of your meals from a limited food budget
comparable to that of a SNAP participant – $1.50 per meal.

While it is impossible to fully comprehend the difficult decisions low-income families face, taking the SNAP Challenge will help raise awareness about the issue of hunger in America.
Here are the steps we will do as a parish in solidarity with one another and the poor—
1. We will live on $4.50 a day, per person, for three days (Nov. 5-7). This
includes all food, seasonings, beverages, etc.
2. You can use coupons, but not shop at membership clubs like SAMS.
3. During the Challenge, you are not allowed to use food, seasonings, or drinks
that you purchased before starting the challenge.
4. Avoid accepting free food from friends, family, or while at work.
5. Keep track of receipts on food spending and take note of your experiences
throughout the week, in particular the choices you made between the variety
and quality of food you ate.
6. Post your experiences on the parish Facebook page throughout the week!
See the reverse side for suggestions on shopping and cooking on SNAP!

Eligible Food Items You Can Buy With Arkansas Food Stamps
Meats, Fish and Poultry
Fruits and Vegetables
Breads and Cereals
Dairy Products
Seeds and plants which produce food for the household to eat
Food Items You Cannot Buy With Arkansas Food Stamps
Beer, Wine, Liquor
Cigarettes or Tobacco
Any Nonfood Items Such As Pet Foods
Soaps, Paper Products
Household Supplies
Vitamins and Medicines
Food That Will Be Eaten In Store
Hot Foods
For more information, Google “SNAP Challenge”






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The revitalization of the downtown area of Little Rock is a welcome event to all Arkansans, but especially to those in the Central Arkansas area.

I hear stories about how my mother and grandmother would make big shopping trips to the downtown.  It was the place to be.  Of course that was in the 1960s, way before Malls and the flight from the city.

There is nothing unusual about Little Rock, we have followed the pattern of many large metropolitan areas.  The positive thing is that we are beginning to move into the next phase…the revitilazation that so many downtown areas have entered into recently.

We are far behind some urban areas in this effort, but I am certain we are well ahead of others.  Big thanks to developers like Moses Tucker and all the Downtown Businesses and the City of Little Rock for promoting and in essence bringing this area back to life.

One hidden gem that has been a major part of downtown Little Rock since 1885 is Saint Edward Catholic School.

Saint Edward Catholic Church and School have a wonderful history that one could write volumes about, but for this post I just want to highlight or turn the light onto this treasure.

My hope is to get the word out to those who are contemplating where/what etc. to do in re their children’s education.

I also want to provide a big thank you and salute to those who make Saint Ed’s what it is.

I can’t begin to describe and give credit to everything that Saint Edward is…I am going to write briefly about our personal experience then I am going to basically copy and paste and provide links to the school’s WONDERFUL Website.

~PreK4-8th grade (in the past there has been a PreK3 program as well, depends upon the demand)

~Modern technology wise…promethean boards, computer lab, science lab etc.

~SAFE environment–A wonderfully safe place for children in a chaotic world

~Proximity to downtown and all that offers…ability to take walking field trips to the downtown Museums, Art Center, Library etc.

~Amazing staff…see below

~First school in Arkansas Catholic School system to have a resource teacher!!

~Art, Music, Computer, Spanish…volleyball, basketball, cross-country, soccer, Quiz bowl, Battle of the Books

~Wonderful welcoming attitude..with 175 students from 25 different zip codes the children truly create their own “community”

~Affordable…don’t be deceived when you compare tuition…The tuition at Saint Edward includes all your fees and SCHOOL SUPPLIES!!

~Location..if you work in the downtown area this can’t be beat, you can have lunch with your child, avoid some of the chaos of  traffic because it is “on the way”

~And ONE other note that is sometimes lost upon people, you do NOT have to be Catholic to attend a Catholic school!!  There are MANY non-Catholics attending Catholic school.  There is no push for conversion, your child will be exposed to Christian beliefs, morals, prayer and Catholic mass, but those who are not Catholic are not excluded, for the most part they are not noticed.

If you don’t work/live downtown it is still worth a look, classes begin each day at 7:50 and end at 3:10.

Students can enter the building at 7:30 and there is a wonderful after-school program.  If you are transporting older children to Catholic or the Mount, the ability to drop them off early, pick them up a bit late is a nice plus!

Here are the


  • Established in 1885, St. Edward is the longest running elementary or middle school in the city of Little Rock.  This includes public and non-public schools. Click here to read more about our history.
  • St. Edward has a computer lab with 32 student computers, two student computers in each classroom in 2nd-8th grades, one student computer in K and 1st, and Promethean Boards in 1st-8th grades.  The teachers have laptops with wireless internet.

View St. Edward Nearby Points of Interest in a larger map


St. Edward Catholic School Mission Statement

Established in 1885, St. Edward is a Catholic School rich in tradition and striving to educate a diverse student body academically, socially, physically, emotionally, and spiritually to become well-rounded persons. In teaching life-long values and virtues in a compassionate and Christ-centered family environment, the pastor, faculty, staff and parents inspire St. Edward students to excel in every aspect of life and to carry this learning forth to the world.

Support Downtown Little Rock



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photo (15)

Preface...Huge thank you to my special guy…as I wrote this I realized how all this happening is on him :) (And GE!!)

To the few of you who follow me, here is the deal…I do realize my blogging is just like my brain and our house–disorganized, chaotic and LIVED IN!

My brain is running a million miles a minute and if I attempted to blog about 50% of the things that run thru my brain I would get absolutely ZERO done in our house (wait I still get absolutely ZERO done in the house..i.e. my JOB!).

As far as the house, it looks a bit like a F4 tornado has stopped by and said HELLO!

We call it  “LIVED IN” but  I think that is just our way of saying we are MESSY!

Part of  my job is to keep it orderly and TBH I HATE that part..I would NEVER hire me and wish someone would fire me.

I have contemplated getting a part-time job  just so we could hire a housekeeper!! You know like Alice, from the Brady Bunch (wait, didn’t Carol stay home???).  We need 3 more kids and I am  certain Ed would go for that..NOT!

The parts of my job that I can’t live without.

1. Our children have NEVER been in daycare, not 1 minute, ever!

2. Short of a mini-vacation here and there sans children  I have been with them every morning of every day of their sweet lives..got them up for school etc.

3. I have always been able to volunteer, drive, coach just “BE” with them

4. I have had the luxury of being free from the stress of a job!!


5. I get to blog, check email, check Facebook, go to lunch with Ed, go to Saint Ed’s for this and that, pick up kids, take kids home, go back for the one you left at basketball practice, take football shoes to Catholic and hide them in bushes for football player who left them at home (can’t take them into school..no way, another topic for another Post!), go to Football game and of course watch all the football games on the TV!

Just being me is a FULL TIME job without the housework  gig.

I fall down periodically and think where is the profit, I should be out making big bucks, helping put money away for their college, trip to Europe etc.

Then, I see….

The 16-year-old..

At 9pm on a Monday night, Brian tells me that “Hey, Mom, you know how you wanted me to take my football girdle out of my pants for you and turn my socks right side out?”

Me, “Yes??” with a suspicious tone.

Brian, “Well, I did that for you tonight…all of the stuff I need washed for tomorrow is down in the laundry room floor, I need it tomorrow morning, ok?”

This makes me smile, makes me catch my breath and feel good inside.  Not so much, when I go down and still have to take the knee pads out of the nasty, sweaty football pants for the 100th time since August, but for those few seconds!

The 14-year-old

Drew comes down every night and has to lay with Ed and I…just for a few minutes, and of course I am certain some of it is one of his delaying tactics for going to bed, but it is a wonderful gift to receive as you put the lid back on the gift of the day and say thank you to God!

How about our sweet 12-year-old, Mags….

She won’t brush her hair, her room looks like an  F4 ALL THE TIME, and she is as slow as molasses, but when you have a bad day, and you go to sit in your favorite spot with your cup of coffee and she has left you one of her “special” notecards/bookmarks.  The photos below say it all…

photo (15)photo (16)


~Peace and Roll Tide Roll!!



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 24 Oct 2013 @ 11:03 AM 



The 2013 Ties that Bind Benefit Dinner & Auction will held this Saturday 10/26 at CHS.  Alas, the event is SOLD OUT, but no worries, you can still have tons of fun bidding while you watch College Football in front of your nice, cozy fireplace!

This event is held every two years at Catholic High and the proceeds from this event help the Booster Club provide funds and other necessities for all of the extracurricular activities. It also eliminates the needs for activity fees which benefits all of our students.

THEY have a ton of WONDERFUL auction items and you can register at  Ties That Bind and/or at  Bidding For Good (this link should take you straight to the page where you can view items).

I have not participated in this type of online auction before, but am in hopes I can get some of the organizers to comment here and give us some details.  It appears once you register you have the ability to begin bidding at 5 pm and bidding closes at 8:45 pm.  It is unclear to me if it is proxy bidding (you put in your max  and the system bids incrementally for you) or if you place a bid and somehow you  are notified each time you are outbid.  Either way, since no tickets fun way to get a shot at great items and contribute to Catholic High.

Here is a preview of just a few of the over 300 items they have available!



A Baseball Lovers Prize: Mickey Mantle Framed Panorama Photo

A Baseball Lovers Prize: Mickey Mantle Framed Panorama Photo

Item Number
Estimated Value
Opening Bid


'Beats' Wireless Black Headphones

“Beats” Wireless Black Headphones

Item Number
Estimated Value
Opening Bid


A Private Dinner for Six (6) Hosted by Father Fred at Arthur's Steakhouse

A Private Dinner for Six (6) Hosted by Father Fred at Arthur’s Steakhouse

Item Number
Estimated Value
Opening Bid


CHANEL Products and Makeover at Dillards

CHANEL Products and Makeover at Dillards

Item Number
Estimated Value
Opening Bid


Autographed Football by Brett Bielema, Head Football Coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks

Autographed Football by Brett Bielema, Head Football Coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks

Item Number
Estimated Value
Opening Bid


2013 Masters Golf Tournament Memorabilia

2013 Masters Golf Tournament Memorabilia

Item Number
Estimated Value
Opening Bid

Item Description

Blue Clubhouse Collection golf shirt, size Medium and tan golf hat.


Get-a-Way to Mt. Harbor Resort

Get-a-Way to Mt. Harbor Resort

Item Number
Estimated Value
Opening Bid
Buy Now Price

Item Description

Two (2) nights lodging in 2 bedroom/2 bath luxury condo at Mt. Harbor Resort at Lake Ouachita

Sporting Events

Four (4) Tickets to Arkansas Razorbacks vs. Auburn Basketball Game on January 25, 2014

Four (4) Tickets to Arkansas Razorbacks vs. Auburn Basketball Game on January 25, 2014

Item Number
Estimated Value
Opening Bid
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 23 Oct 2013 @ 5:19 PM 





Fall is here and with it come some super great opportunities for families to make some memories!!  Here is some info on a couple of items…there are plenty more out there!  Check out Little Rock Family for a wonderful list!!


The BIG BOO!SEUM BASH IN DOWNTOWN LITTLE ROCK  Sounds like a BLAST..info below from Little Rock Family

“We hope your family’s costumes are ready! Halloween is still a week away, but the 18th Annual Big Boo!seum Bash is from 6-8:30 p.m. tomorrow night (Oct. 24).

The totally free event invites families to trick-or-treat in downtown Little Rock at participating members of the Greater Little Rock Museum Consortium. Visitors can start at any participating location; free parking will be available at each site.

Pick up a game card at your first stop, and get the game card stamped at all nine locations for a chance to win a flat screen TV. Plus, each site will be offering their own prize drawings, so be sure to register at each location you visit.”

River Market Fall Festival

Great article/info on KTHV site…..LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) – Saturdays to enjoy the downtown Farmer’s Market in Little Rock are winding down. Saturday, Oct. 26 is the last day for the season and to celebrate the River Market is hosting a Fall Fest.

The family fun fest will have ‘trunk or treat’ for the kids, give away prizes for the best costumes, have face painting and pumpkin painting, a pumpkin carving station, and a small pumpkin patch. Pets are welcome, too!

Event Details:
Date: Saturday, Oct. 26
Time: 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. (The farmer’s market is open from 7 a.m. – 3 p.m.)
Location: River Market Pavilions in downtown Little Rock
Parking: Free in the River Market
More Information: Visit http://rivermarket.info or call (501) 375-2552


Have fun and HAPPY FALL!

Roll Tide!







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